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Taking the Pharmacy Service to the Next Level!

Patients waiting time in the pharmacy to collect their medications have always been the bottleneck in the Outpatients Clinics services and it increases exponentially with the more clinics you have, which results in :

  • Customers Dissatisfaction.
  • Increase of cross viral Infections among patients.
  • More Load on Pharmacy = More Dispensing Mistakes which can be lethal to patients.
  • Less Patients Moved out = Less Money for the Clinics centers.


So in order to overcome these issue Gulf Medical Co. in collaboration with King Fahad Specialist Hospital Tabuk have installed the first of its kind an “Out-Patient Pharmacy Robotic System” at 31 Dec 2017, which delivers the patients prescribed medications to the dispensing window and gives the Pharmacists more consultation time with patients while maximizing the speed that reaches up to 1200 Boxes/Hour which translates to 240 Patients/Hour.

And to make sure that we don’t sacrifice accuracy while increasing the speed as with humans, the robot identifies medications through Barcoding technology so we end up with satisfied patients who received their Medications within 5 minutes of reaching the Pharmacy.

Below is a link to a newspaper journal on this project:

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