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Robotic Surgery Breakthrough in the Eastern Region

In many countries around the world, Robotic Surgery is considered a standard of care due to its numerous benefits. Saudi Arabia is not excepted from this rule as we have all seen giant leaps taken by many hospitals towards activating this pre-eminent service.
One of those hospitals is Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, prominent for having high standards and advanced medical technology in all disciplines. JHAH started their Robotic program in 2016 with one Urologist only, then they expanded in recruiting another Urologist in 2018 and then expanded even more by activating this service in Gynecology in 2018 and then Bariatric in 2019.
In addition to working hard towards utilizing this service across all disciplines, JHAH has taken many steps in ensuring the Robotic Program’s sustainability and adequacy, such as dedicating an OR for Robotic Surgery, assembling a steering committee and campaigning for it across a variety of platforms. Those all indicate the level of sternness JHAH administrates towards their patients. for more information please visit the following link

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