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Who are we you may ask, we are trust and we are team work, we are friends and we are family, we work as one yet we are many.
we strive to provide what is today’s best in ENT

Our Parteners

1. Karl Storz: with a range of over 8,000 products, Karl Storz brings innovation to a new dimension with its state of the art and futuristic products.

    • Office 1 is a modern, state of the art, luxurious, VIP Examination Room..


    • EndoCAMeleon® HOPKINS® Telescope
    • CMOS Video Rhino-Laryngoscope


2. Carl Zeiss:
is an international leader in the fields of optics and optoelectronics.
ZEISS has been contributing to technological progress for more than 160 years – with solutions for the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries , biomedical research and medical technology, as well as eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetariums.
OPMI VARIO 700 – Focusing on the Essentials Combining Carl Zeiss optics with a host of innovations. OPMI® VARIO 700 seamlessly integrates into the operating room environment. Physicians from multiple specialties provided valuable input in developing every aspect of its award winning design. The result is a multidisciplinary surgical microscope that complements how surgeons operate.

3. Biolitec:
Provides a state of the art laser technology with its simple yet rich structure and interface.
A whole new world of therapeutic applications and clinical results – that is the new LEONARDO® Laser. It is the most versatile and universal medical laser in the market today.

4. Heinemann Medizintechnik:
one of the leading suppliers of ENT medical technology with their high-quality and customizable ENT workstations.

MODULA Duo:-This name stands for a flexible setup and an optimal combination of functional components and instrument storage space. Functional unit, endoscopy module and mobile instrument cabinet positioned according to the user’s requirements.

5. Meyer Haake:
The universal radio surgical units with special features – not for cosmetic treatments only, but for all kind of surgical procedures.

RadioSURG2200 a new standard in radio surgeries.

6 .6. Audio Technologies:
Since 1976, Audio Technologies’ production has been focused on otosurgery, with the development of special prostheses for stapedioplasty and tympanoplasty. Over the years, Audio Technologies has created a range of medical devices for various application within the medical field.

    • Anti decubit Self-adhesive
    • Bonding System for Rhinoplasty

The main outcome due to such a feature is a low pressure on the side walls, widely lower than the one of a standard PVA tampon.

GulfMedical Team

Our team of dynamic professionals, applying the best practices in the business, is the driving force that strengthens our company and enables future growth.
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