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Emerging Business

Our Aim
Emerging Business Unit is a unique solution provider for medical facilities which was found in the 2011 under the Head & neck division. It is now considered the black horse of the division which succeeded in creating the quantum leap in a short period of time, enhance customers’ awareness, product development, sales growth, and profit margin maximization. . The name EBU came from our products portfolio that has a huge competitive profile within KSA market that needs development. In addition to newly released medical innovations that require special strategies and efforts to be performed in order to achieve a good market penetration. Our goal at EBU is to provide a broad range of premium products and services designed to meet the specific need for various types of medical entities. Rather than just selling our products, we prefer to take a consulting-based approach to determine the exact needs of an organization and then match the organization with the proper product and/or service based upon those needs. Our long-term goal is to become a “one-stop shop” for KSA medical practitioners in our related field, and with the broad range of products and services that we currently offer; the Emerging Business Unit is not far from achieving that goal especially after the tremendous .

Our Customers
We attempt to build great long term customer partnerships via mutual understanding, honesty and commitment to superior customer service. Meeting our customer requirements is only part of our aim. Our goal is to exceed our customer expectations. Ongoing customer feedback is requested as part of our continuous improvement process.

Our Parteners
We endeavor to build great long term supplier partnerships based on honesty, integrity, and a mutual commitment to quality. We only deal with manufacturers and suppliers capable of providing a consistent high quality product/service with state of art advanced medical technologies. All our manufacturers/suppliers have been selected after successfully completing a rigorous screening process to ensure that our vision will comply totally with theirs.
Top-notch Suppliers serving most of the surgical disciplines have backed up the Emerging Business Unit in two directions:

  1. Minimally Invasive Surgeries
  2. Dental Surgeries

Parteners’ field of focus:

  • Thoracic Surgeries
  • Cardiovascular Minimally Invasive surgeries including MICS & Endoscopic Saphenous Vein and Radial Artery Harvesting
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Endoscopic Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgeries
  • Dental Surgeries/treatments through endoscopic & regular techniques


  • Dental Surgeries with extensive focus on Endodontic applications
  • General Surgeries


  • In many areas, laser medicine has established new methods and procedures. Biolitec AG and its subsidiaries have been providing a crucial impetus for nearly twenty years: innovations are translated into breakthroughs that have simplified therapy for doctors and patients.
    Therefore Biolitec has conducted intensive research on how laser and photo-dynamic substances can be used to make further improvements in traditional processes and methods. These innovations clearly symbolize progress in medicine. Moreover, Biolitec’s presence in the global core markets ensures positive business development thus forming the basis of further expansion.
    This is why in many countries, Biolitec AG is today’s market leader. The company-owned production plants in Europe, the USA and Asia provide on-site market proximity and the required flexibility offering special solutions and an individual service for our customers.
    In doing so, Biolitec AG constantly pays attention to the high quality of all products through interchange with users and constantly optimizes its processes in order to realize innovations in a better and faster way.
    The use of laser technology in Thoracic Surgery has proved to be clinically elective and beneficial for the patient. In recent years, new developments in laser technology, using state-of-the-art semiconductor diode lasers, delivered high power systems using 1350 nm wavelength which has proved to be ideal for parenchymal tissues (lung, kidney). Following its tradition to pioneer new minimally invasive treatments, Biolitec® has combined cost elective and reliable diode lasers with high quality fiber optics and instruments to make procedures safer and more cost elective for health care professionals with an excellent standard of care for the patients


    • QR S.r.l. is the name that stands behind NewTom Cone Beam 3D Imaging units which is the creator of Cone Beam technology for dental field. NewTom 9000 (also known as Maxiscan), was the very first Cone Beam equipment in the world, installed in 1996.
      It is the forefather of NewTom product line and, in general, of all the X-ray unit based on Cone beam technology. QR S.r.l. is based in Italy and all NewTom products are designed and manufactured at the factory in Verona. The premium products represent the Italian tradition of specialized manufacture and NewTom is known all over the world for its reliability, high standards and state-of the-art technology.


    • NewTom 5G
    • NewTom VGi
    • NewTom GiANO
    • NNT Software
    • NIP Software


  • RF surgical units for all surgical procedures. All kinds of incisions can be performed and smallest to bigger bleedings are stanched.

GulfMedical Team

Our team of dynamic professionals, applying the best practices in the business, is the driving force that strengthens our company and enables future growth.
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