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Cochlear Implants by Advanced Bionics:
A cochlear implant is a medical device that allows many people with hearing loss to hear better once again. Many who’ve never heard sound before experience hearing for the very first time.
AB understands the stress and emotions that come with hearing loss, so we strive to make your journey to hearing as easy as possible. From helping you determine candidacy and get your hearing assessed to assisting with financing to standing by your side throughout implantation, recovery, activation, and beyond, AB is there for you every step of the way.
Choose the Best to Hear Your Best
We understand that you have choces when it comes to selecting a cochlear implant system for you or your child. AB designs and builds all of our products with one underlying goal: to help you or your child hear your best every day.
When you choose AB, you’ll benefit from ’Best in Class’ reliability, which includes both the internal and external components. Total System Reliability means less hearing downtime, so you or your child hear your best day in and day out without interruption.

The Most Advanced Cochlear Implant Technology
The HiRes 90K™ Advantage implant features the HiFocus electrode family and the most advanced sound processing circuitry in the world. Its sophisticated design provides unsurpassed programming flexibility, nearly unlimited ways to deliver sound, the industry’s highest case impact resistance, and full upgradeability for access to tomorrow’s innovations without surgery.
Sound Processors from Advanced Bionics:
1 – Naida :
The Naida CI, behind the ear Sound Processor, with the following features:

  • Stores 5 programs for different listening environments
  • Captures up to 96 dB of sound loudness information from the environment
  • Input Dynamic Range IDR: 20 dB to 80 dB programmable
  • Cambridge dual loop Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to manage soft and loud sounds separately and reduce distortion
  • Delivers stimulation to the hearing nerve over 83,000 non-overlapping pulses per second
  • User-friendly controls for volume and hearing programs (ideal for mature and less dexterous people)
  • Comes with Zn-Air Battery option.
  • HiRes™ S, HiRes P with Fidelity-120 AND Clear Sound noise cancellation algorithm
  • Able to stimulate 120 Channels using current steering via multiple current sources inside the implant
  • Wide range of colors
  • Built-in colorful LED indicator to indicate program, battery processor and implant status
  • Wireless connectivity with the option of comPilot
  • Remote control, to change programs, check status, change volume… etc


2 – Neptune Processor :


  • Neptune processor is 100% water and dust proof, the patient can swim with Neptune in the swimming pool or even in the sea
  • Neptune Processor Size – 26x18x60mm
  • Weight with battery – approx 32g
  • Auxiliary Input /Output Ports
  • 3 pin DAI/Euro socket compatible with Phonak Dynamic FM micro receivers
  • 3.5mm socket with:
    1. Stereo input for battery powered aux devices Stereo output for listening check with headphones
    2. Mono input for auxiliary microphone
  • 4 Position Program Switch – 3 program slots and 1 microphone test slot
  • Power Button – On/Off button located on processor with built in LED
  • Tri-Color Visual Indicator – to monitor battery status, microphone status, program position, Intellilink and error conditions
  • Volume & Sensitivity Dials – present with the controls connected
  • Solids & Water Ingress Protection – IP68 rating, Neptune Sound Processor (without Neptune Connect) and AquaMic connected (fully waterproof)
  • Neptune band Finish – Shiny silver or matte silver
  • Neptune Color Caps – White, black, light pink, red, light blue, dark blue, lime green, taupe, teal

AB Cochlear Implant Centers in KSA:
1. Western Zone:-

  • King Khaled National Guard Hospital – Jeddah
    1. Surgeon: Dr. Abdulla Aldahery
    2. Audiologist: Dr. Al Farghal Essa
  • King Abdul Aziz University Hospital – Jeddah
    1. Surgeon: Dr. Khaled Alnouri
    2. Audiologist: Dr. Afaf Bamanie
  • King Faisal Military Hospital Khamis Mushait – Aseer
    1. Surgeon: Dr. Ahmed Alorgobi
    2. Audiologist: Dr. Fatima Alzahraa

2. Central Zone:-

  • 1. King Faisal Specialist Hospital – Riyadh
    1. Surgeon: Dr. Michael Timms
    2. Audiologist: Dr. Gheed Abo Harb
  • 2. King Fahd National Guard Hospital – Riyadh
    1. Surgeon: Dr. Khaled Almazrou
    2. Audiologist: Dr. Mazwin Omar ENT
  • 3. Medical Center – Riyadh
    1. Surgeon: Dr. Khaled Taibah
    2. Audiologist: Dr. Ahmed Khater

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