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Nod of Appreciation – Gulf Medical Company / Karl Storz – Golden Scope Trophy for Prof. Abdullah Al-Dohayan

Gulf Medical company consider education as an integral part of our on going mission and it is clearly stated in the first few lines of our mission statement promoted among all employees on board.


We much appreciate those distinguished customers who were always in line with our strategy to enhance skills of all healthcare givers while giving us the chance to provide state of the art medical technologies and solutions.


“Prof. Abdullah Al-Dohayan” consultant general surgeon at King Khaled University Hospital at King Saud University is a major contributor who had helped our company to play that differentiating role instrumentally throughout the past 34 years and the least we could provide him with was a nod of appreciation through our distinguished Partner KARL STORZ company in the presence of the Rector of the Univeristy and the CEO of the Medical city (H.E Dr. Badran A. Al Omar and H.E Prof. Abdulrahman M. Al Muammar).


Event was attended by the senior director of Sales & Service Mr. Khaled Al-Farah, Director of Business development & Marketing ( Engr. Mohamed Ismail) and the Area Manager

( Engr. Emad Farid).


We delightfully did provide him with the Golden scope presented by the managing director of Middle East and Area Director from Karl STORZ company ( Mr. Ara Sarkissian and

Mr. Bilal El Charif).


Gulf Medical company will continue to practice this mission and we firmly believe that this essence is our major distinguishing factor which contribute to our ongoing milestones; We much cherish our long term partnership with our clients and on going educational support is an integral part of the successful story that we always strive for.


GulfMedical Team

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