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Canon Educational Event

A reason why we should all be proud is that we elevate educational knowledge of medical practitioners.

They in return reflect this knowledge on treating patients in a better way. Our clinical education is not only a social and professional responsibility, but also enhances the well being of patients.

This is clearly apparent in the numerous workshops GMC conducts, such as the latest activity with Radiological Society of Saudi Arabia where our team invested in HCIT (healthcare IT), MRI, CT, and Ultrasound workshops.

GMC will continue supporting the Educational workshops with a planned schedule for 2020. Our program will include different Imaging modality and International speakers. The main reason is to collaborate with our partners (Canon/AGFA) and take the social and professional responsibility of educating practitioners.

Great passion, for a great purpose. To the top together!

GulfMedical Team

Our team of dynamic professionals, applying the best practices in the business, is the driving force that strengthens our company and enables future growth.
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